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John & Sydney

Hey friends!

We are the quirky weirdos that love to make new friends, capture real love, and real memories. we offer crisp high-fives, lifelong friendships, dad jokes, and long talks about comfort food. 

If you're into having fun with your photographers and having two cool people that become your biggest supporters in life, hit us up!

We specialize in wedding photography and couples, and we even offer complimentary engagement sessions when you book with us so we can get to know you before your wedding day!





A Quick Note

On your wedding day, we basically become a really cool coordinator, tamer, pep-talk-giver, crisp high-fiver, cheerleader, and most importantly, the person that cries at your wedding because they love seeing their couples happy!

Though we love working with vendors in the wedding industry, we will no longer be working with wedding coordinators without pre-approval.

We love helping any way that we can. One time, we even helped a couple get a venue the day of because of rain! 

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