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Weddings can be Costly...

We know how you feel, we've been there! And weddings... they can definitely be costly! How about some helpful tips on what to do vs. what not to do, to save you money on your wedding?

The most frequent thing that we hear as photographers from engaged couples planning their wedding is this: "We are on a budget".

PROMISE ME - if there is anything you invest in, it will be the memories that you will have forever! (Photography/Videography) This is really the most important part of your day, as you'll remember family members, friends, and important moments for the rest of your life by having someone capture your day!

So often we hear "I wish I would've hired a videographer", "I wish I would've hired a photographer"...etc.

We will help you in every way possible by providing payment plans, giving on average over 700 photos (for full day coverage), and genuinely getting your money's worth!

So to help you save money on your 2021 wedding, here are some helpful tips:

  • Buy a template for wedding invites off of Etsy, and print/cut your own invitations! Then buy envelopes from places like amazon to match the template!

  • Finish your hand-made invite with a wax stamp to make it booshie!

  • Consider getting married on a Friday or Sunday to save money at venues!

  • Borrow jewelry from a family member or friend and make it your “Something Borrowed”

  • Use antique shops or junk stores for unique and inexpensive décor pieces that are also resalable!

  • Try untraditional desserts for your guests or even sheet cakes for them to love, while you have a small, two-tiered cake for the bride and groom!

  • Keep your food simple – not everyone loves eating at weddings, unless it’s dessert! So don’t go overboard with the food! Plus, with the amount of dietary needs that everyone has nowadays – simple is more!

  • Try food truck catering if you're looking for a more modern dinner. It averages at about $8-10 per plate and it is a fun way to interact with your guests!

  • If you are looking for one color of bridesmaids dresses, and you're open to different styles, go to Poshmark, your local thrift store, Facebook marketplace, or any other used clothing site! You will find the coolest dresses, at affordable prices, and your bridal party photos will look awesome!

  • Go simple with the groomsmen's outfits if you're on a budget. Currently, you can go to Belk and buy dress pants, shirts, ties, and even shoes for more than 50% off! Get something that is reusable for their future interviews and you're set!

  • If you're looking to save money on your dress, be open to ALL the options out there! Lots of women sale their dresses after their wedding because they simply need that money back, there are shops like The Bristol Bridal Station that has discounted dresses that are gorgeous - just floor models from stores! Go during the "off season", which is mostly likely around September - November based on our research. Get a bigger size - floor model. You can get it altered!

  • Consider getting married in the January - March months of the year. These are off season months, so venues and other wedding services may be discounted!

Message us for other helpful tips! With over 25 weddings captured, we have LOTS of advice!

***If you are not on a budget, you need recommendations for amazing bridal shops, caterers, tuxedo shops, jewelry stores, food trucks, florists, printing services, décor stores, and more, we have so many amazing vendors! Please message us and we will be glad to put you in touch with them!***

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