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So You're Planning a Wedding

Are you stressing out because you're planning a wedding and don't know what to do, who to book, what to budget, or where to look for help? Well, we've done this a time or two, and are constantly helping our sweet couples plan their day! So, we thought, why don't we share some of our tips and tricks to planning a wedding? Let's go!

  • What should I book first?! I'm going to tell you your photographer and videographer. Why? Because a lot of times, people book everything else before one of the most important items - the people who capture your day. These are the memories you will be holding onto for the rest of your life, and if you wait until the last minute to book, your budget may be gone, and your dream photographer might be booked.

  • How much do I budget? If you're looking for a budget-friendly wedding, there are a few options for you. Airbnb's, smaller venues, weekday weddings at large venues, or elopements. These options give you the ability to achieve your dream day well under $10k! However, if you aren't looking to save some extra cash, the typical wedding costs (on average) a minimum of $20k for a Saturday wedding in peak season.

  • What month is best for weddings? We are asked this question frequently, and we have a lot of opinions about it too! So, October is always the month that gets booked first. We book October weddings around 16 months+ in advance. However, if you're looking for perfect weather, we love late Fall and late Spring weddings.

  • What time should I have my wedding? We ALWAYS suggest having your ceremony at least an hour before sunset. Why? Harsh lighting in the middle of day, HOT Summer sun is miserable for your attendees, it helps the flow of your day and allows a great reception/send off in the dark, perfect temperatures, and it helps you have a relaxing day. If you're looking to not have a late Summer night, get married in the late Spring when sunset is around 5-6 PM. If you are a partier and want to stay up until 1 AM, go for a late evening Summer wedding. You'll get to sleep in, relax, and enjoy your day!

  • What's our favorite venue? We genuinely do not have a favorite. But, here's a few tips for you to choose yours for your special day! If you want the most relaxing and fun day of your life and intend to only have 50 or less attendees, go with an Airbnb. You can kick back, relax with family and friends, have them stay the weekend, get married at whatever location your heart desires (you may need permits if it's in a state park), and they are honestly our favorite days to capture because it's stress-free. If you like barn venues, decide your esthetic - rustic or modern. Rustic is barn wood and modern is white. Also, look where the ceremony will be. If it's a venue that is inside and they open the doors behind you, this will cause extreme light halos around your bodies and be over exposed in your pictures. For picture purposes, we love a white scheme!

  • Any tips for picking out a venue? Check out how many bathrooms they have (this sounds crazy but port-a-potty's or venues with 2 bathrooms are not fun at all), if they have air conditioning, a place to get ready, places for people to congregate outside, do a tour before you book, make sure it isn't a flood zone incase of rain, and checkout their parking situation so your guests will have ease upon arrival.

  • Any tips on food? If you're having your wedding in the Summer - do not do hot foods unless it's a temperature-controlled room. Having hot items in the middle of a hot summer day will result in a lot of people feeling bad. If the room isn't temperature-controlled, we also advise not to do a Charcutterie board as the cheese tends to melt or get messy. We have had some AMAZING food vendors over the past 5 years, and our favorites (as well as the attendees) has been food trucks, BBQ, taco bars, and a buffet style with southern food.

  • Pro tips for your wedding day: Before the big day, offer anyone that is providing services a meal during your reception, and a place to sit. 10 hour days are HARD, and your little bit of kindness goes a long way. Have snacks and drinks before your wedding - you'll thank us later. If you're debating on getting a DJ or having your cousin Earl do a playlist on his phone (and it's within your budget), let cousin Earl enjoy his day off and get that DJ! They really determine the mood of the crowd and if people begin to leave early or not. You can also tell your service providers the colors of your wedding! We love to feel included in the day and fit into the schemes!

We have so many other helpful tips and tricks that we would LOVE to share with you! Message us about your special day, and we will help you in every way we can! 2022 is going to be a busy year, but we are excited that 2023 is already filling up! Thank you to everyone for allowing us to capture your beautiful milestones and memories!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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