The Wedding at Reece's Ridges

This was one of our favorite weddings to capture of 2020, and it comes with a great story!

Follow along below!

Meet Kennah and Cameron! We met this lovely couple back in 2017, and let me tell you - they were adorable!

Cameron proposed and Kennah of course said yes, and we were honored to be asked to capture her wedding day!

When December rolled around, we were off on our next adventure to Flag Pond, TN (located outside of Erwin, TN) to start the wedding day!

To kick off the day, the girls were getting ready at The Pond House. This super modern, Airbnb is the perfect location for photoshoots, and getting ready with a small bridal party! The white walls with gorgeous wood accents, barn doors, and even a Christmas tree in December made it so cozy!

It's also called the pond house for a reason - there's a pond with stocked fish, too! The deck had a hot tub, and string lights, plus there's an adorable bridge and mill! See our photos below (though we apologize - we couldn't pick just one!)

This full day coverage wedding had so many events going on to make their day perfect! Kennah had her wedding hair by Veronica Craig , and they made it such a personal experience! After snacking, laughing, and little girls counting the fish it was time to get dressed.

You want to know our favorite thing in the world? Chill brides - and Kennah was 'go with the flow!'. Nothing ever goes 110% right on your wedding day. Kennah and Cameron were so excited to marry each other, that the few hiccups along the way didn't seem to matter.

So the girls finished their finishing touches, had a sneak peek with the bride, cried at the sneak peek with the father, and we were off to the ceremony!

Let me preface these three pictures above with this - at Reece's Ridge, there is a gorgeous gravel hill where the wedding party comes down to the ceremony. But, instead of having you walk through their newly laid grass, there's a guy name Gary. We think he should run for president because he grove us down a steep hill, and into a creek like it was Talladega Nights without flinching.

Up next was one of the sweetest moments in history - the love letters.

When two people love each other above all standards and expectations, these moments are surreal and quite emotional.

Kennah's parents waiting at the bottom of the hill on one side, while the wedding party was on the other. Meanwhile, in the middle there were two grown photographers with waterworks in their eyes because of how beautiful this moment was!

When we say we LOVE love, we mean it. Somehow, we get so connected and in the moment with our couples. It's truly a Blessing!

We had these cuties close their eyes, put their foreheads together, and take a deep breath to really breathe in the moment. (they didn't have a first look so this was super intimate and beautiful)

Finally, they departed - anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin!

The ceremony was in the huge field at Reece's Ridge, right beside the creek! A gorgeous floral arrangement hung on