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How To Avoid A WWE-dding

Your wedding is going to be one of the best days of your ENTIRE life. The crazy part is it will go by so quickly that "you'll blink, and it's over". So, what do you do to make it last? Get a good photographer! Photographers are not someone who just "click a button". True photographers are looking for those passionate, raw moments that they know will make you cry happy tears 25, 40, or even 50 years from now. That makes us documenters!

We document the little details, the special moments, natural or planned, and then the ones that just... happen. They say you've found what you love when you feel like it's not work. Well that's how the photography business is for us.

Some events at your wedding are planned. Like going through the ceremony, cutting the cake, oh and of course family portraits. But to be able to capture the atmosphere of the ceremony, or those intimate moments you didn't see coming, we have to be quick and on our toes so we savor each moment!

We come ready to work, with a plan, or a "rhythm". We aren't afraid to stand in the middle of the sanctuary, or move through the four corners of a venue. We never interrupt the conversations, the fun, or the memories being made. Instead, we capture it, or maybe even join in! We keep our eyes open at all times. We aren't there to "greaten our portfolio", we are there to capture life. So that in the years to come, that day will feel like yesterday..

Because taking photographs is not as easy as it seems....

Sometimes things do not go as planned. We know that. The bride gets nervous and becomes sick, the makeup artist didn't show, the cake decorator hasn't arrived, or the possible worst situation "WHERE ARE THE RINGS?!" We know it happens. That's why when we have Full Day Coverage, we are there from the start until the end, through thick and through thin. We create contracts so that we have an understanding that we are going to do our job and you are going to have a fantastic day!

With contracts, we include what we will cover for your day, how much your package cost is, and then a few of our clauses such as: no editing our photos, no screenshotting, and then our clause about family-friend photographers or other professional photographers/ videographers. We have these clauses to ensure the flow of your day is perfect!

Why we ask for you not to have family-friend photographers or other professional photographers at your service.....

We come ready with our game plan on how to capture every single moment at your wedding. We know that sometimes you want an extra camera just in case. But, we offer multiple photographers specifically for that option, and three out of four of our packages AUTOMATICALLY come with two photographers!

With family-friend photographers, we really want your Uncle Frank who has a Nikon to enjoy your wedding day without having to have the pressure of taking photos. That's why you hire us!

However, in the very unlikely situation that you decide to hire a second professional service, tell your photographer! In our years of service, we have only had this happen a few times. Let us tell you, it's never fun, and always a shock when we arrive to a wedding and have to explain to another professional service that we will both be trying to get that kissing shot in the middle aisle...

Each photographer has their own "flow" of a wedding day. When you hire two professional services without informing them or if you do inform them, just remember that they both have their own techniques and it could become a live WWE-dding when each photographer is wanting specific shots. (joking of course)

So when you are ready to begin planning your wedding, remember that wedding photography is your best investment! We know that you will spend a small fortune for your big day. But remember that it will be worth it! A professional photographer has invested into their equipment, maintenance, editing services, taxes, travel, and more to ensure that if they get the chance to cover your wedding, they are ready!

We genuiinely love what we do, and cannot wait for our next 2020 wedding season! We hope this post will help you with your wedding plans!

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