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A Year in Review

Just like that 2019 is a wrap! Well, technically we have two more weddings before we officially wrap up the year... But, we can go ahead and say it was a stellar year! We thought we should share a little review of our best year yet!

This year was our busiest wedding AND sessions year to date! What a Blessing that truly is. We met the coolest couples, sweetest families, and had the best memories ever. We had ups and downs of the year with sickness, cameras breaking the day before a wedding, and "editing again" seemed to become a 'thing' every night. But every single experience, was a Blessing!

We said 2019 gave a lot of Blessings and new adventures, right?? Well, here is one of the places that we started a new relationship with! Broken J Farm of Bluff City, TN! Oh. My. Goodness. If you need a beautiful farm venue, vintage red truck, quaint and adorable cabin, or beautiful fields, it is the place to go! We had Christmas minis with this beautiful venue for the first time, and I guarantee it is not the last! Not only that, we started having regular shoots there too! They are so amazing to work with, and I 10/10 recommend using them!

Oh, then there is the other AMAZING company that we began ventures together, The Little Prop Shop in Piney Flatts, TN! We started with Fall minis, and then had amazing Christmas minis too! We have never offered minis until 2019, and I must say it was a success! This amazing company provided unbelievable props to make gorgeous scenery for our minis. They are another perfect company to work with for any photoshoots or weddings that you need styled!

Last but not least, 2019 provided so much growth for us! We traveled from Nashville, to Gatlinburg, to North Carolina and more to capture beautiful weddings! We partnered with new venues, and were Blessed with so many new clients that we cannot get enough of! But, there is one thing that we learned.... Photography is hard in today's world of Iphones, Cannons, Polaroids, and Nikons. It's hard to hear the words "I'll have a family friend do it", "You just click a button, why are your prices like that?", or "I have a phone I can use, thanks though.". This was the hardest part of 2019.

In a world full of insta-famous ways to capture life, we hope that our clients see our value as photographers. On your wedding day, we are more than just photographers. We are the tag team that runs errands to get snacks and hair spray when the bridal party needs it. We are the "ump man" when the parents are stressed and we are cheering them up and cheering them on. We are the complementor when we see your adorable grandmother dressed to the nines and want to make her feel like a QUEEN. We work for 8 hours on your wedding day, shove food down our throats in 5 minutes in a dark corner of the kitchen, then 30+ hours on your album. We strive to make your family and couple sessions the best experience full of passion and laughter. We capture the raw, beautiful moments. From birth stories, to your wedding day, we are there for you! With learning this in 2019, it has given us a new passion going into 2020. We are here for you!

Well, that's our 2019 year in review. We cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store. If it's anything like the 2020 vision pun, (yes we are super corny people) the year will be perfect.

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