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Being a Critic Is {Okay}

The truth is, as a photographer, the happiest of times are when you see faces like the photo above. The ones that laugh, love, and live life to the fullest. Being a photographer is a whole other ball game. You get to meet so many people, become great friends by the hundreds, learn and grow as you go, and see your growth in the end. You give up your weekends to spend time with total strangers and allow time to stop for just a moment. You have fun, and do some crazy things to make the best pictures. The craziest thing about this is what you become in photo sessions. You become a best friend, a mom, a hype girl, a clown, a cheer leader, a confidence booster, a listening ear for problems or joys, a painter, a house keeper, an interior designer, a witness, and though there are many more forms that I take on as a photographer, the number one form in this service, is being an artist.

I am not picasso by any means, but isn't interesting that each artist does something different? You will never find another photographer with the exact same photo, even if they had inspiration from somewhere else in their studies. Why? Because there will never be that exact same moment in time - ever again.

When the day is done, as a photographer you work hard. Going through all of the photos you took to find the perfect ones, editing for hours, staying up late after working another job because you're striving to get to where you want to be in life, and celebrating your achievements by sharing them with others. But, the hardest thing as a photographer, is the weight that you put upon yourself. Maybe not all photographers are like this, but I can testify that I am. My greatest flaw is that I am my biggest critic. No matter the Insta likes, Facebook shares and comments, or phone calls you receive, you always wonder - "Was it good enough?". I guess it also becomes the greatest strength too. With that criticism that I am providing myself, it gives me natural motivation to challenge what I did even yesterday, and to see where I will go today.

Growth is a big thing here. If I stop now, there will be no growth. Can you imagine, if I am Blessed enough to continue in this field, how many people I will stop time for? How many smiles I will see? How many laughs I will experience? And how many lives I can touch?

That's what it's all about. Even though I am my biggest critic, as one of the photographers for SST Photography, I have a big contribution to the impact that SST Photography will make.

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