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Why I Support The Small Business World

When I was in college I saw a need for small businesses, and how they need others as well. I saw the hard work, passion, and dreams that the individuals have to make their small business thrive. The truth behind my marketing business is quite simple. I want others to thrive. I'm not here as a big corporation who only knows you as a "number" or a "client". I am going to be your friend. Do you want business advice? I'm here. Do you want suggestions on reaching your target audience? I'm here.

I know, I know. It sounds boring. Right? Well let me explain it like this...

Two Friday's ago, I was recommended by word of mouth to a lady who has a dream of having a crafts store. She's so talented! She makes quilts, sews everything, embroiders..etc. But, she needed a logo to brand herself with. So, I begin with questions about what they like, who they are, what they dream of being in the business, and of course, what's their business.

You really learn a lot about people in the small time frame you get to work with them. Some clients I have worked with for well over two years helping them with social media, logos, merchandise, website, videography, and photography. Others I have the honor to achieve their goal in a short period of time.

During the process of working with the sweet lady, I made roughly 17 logos to get the feel of what she really wanted. These three were my favorites. But, because I love small businesses, I run my company very honestly. So, any logos that I have made for you during the process of reaching your goal, they are now yours! That way when your business begins to grow and you want I new feel, you are already prepared!

Building up small businesses and the people that dream of them, to me is important. What is a better way to serve someone, see a smile on their face, and see them succeed then having a small business help a small business in return.

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