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Fear Is Simply Confidence

What and if are two words that seem minuscule. But when they are put beside each other they are a powerful force: what if? This is the phrase I try to never let overcome me. Though typically we find ways to deny our gut feeling or desires due to peoples opinions and wants. But, the reality is, you are your biggest critic and decision maker. Fear is nearly the aspect of confidence waiting to be grabbed by the horns.

There are many fears in the photography and marketing business. The fear of not succeeding, the fear of not gaining new photography clients, the fear of not making people happy after your endless hard work. But the truth is, since fear is merely confidence, they become an opportunity. An opportunity to grow the business, strive for the greatest success in your values as a company, see the smiles on peoples faces, and make the greatest impact on everyone you meet as you do it.

"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game". - Babe Ruth

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