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I began this business back in October, and it is one of my greatest joys. Today, I enjoy looking back at what my work was, and now how it is. Growth is an aspect that must be tracked in every aspect of life. Though I may be young, the beauty of knowing how to see growth is a Blessing. There has been many trials and tribulations in beginning my own business, that is transparent. But, I have never held regret with SST Photography and Marketing. The greatest part of this job isn't just monitoring growth in the techniques of marketing and photography. Rather, it is monitoring the growth in the multitudes of people that you have had the privilege to see their laughter, smiles, sadness, fatigue, joys in life, and new life in general. I don't know of any other fields that can truly make me feel so connected to people. I began this business with the thought in mind that you will never be clients, always friends. I would like to think that has reigned true. My advice to you is to not find something that is strictly for material purposes. But, find a passion, goal, or field that will make a long-lasting impact that you may never be able to see it's full purpose. Never give up, always dream, turn your cants into cans, and your dreams into plans.

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